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[Hawthorn mung bean soup]_Hawthorn mung bean soup_Homely practices_Methods Daquan

In summer, the weather is very hot, and the sweltering weather may cause symptoms of heat stroke, and it is easy to become chest tightness and irritability. In order to solve these problems, drinking mung bean soup is a good choice. It is recommended that you add hawthorn when you stew the mung bean soup gradually.The soup tastes better and is nutritious, so how to make hawthorn mung bean soup?

First, the main ingredients of the method of hawthorn mung bean soup: hawthorn, lentils 10 grams each, mung beans 30 grams, 6 grams of Magnolia flowers.

Seasoning: spring onion, salt, chicken essence.

Method 1: Hawthorn, lentils, and mung beans are each soaked in warm water, and the mung beans are placed in a pot and cooked until they reach maturity.

2, then add Magnolia flowers, hawthorn, lentils, cook on low heat until rotten, sprinkle with green onions, season with salt, chicken essence.

Second, the practice of hawthorn mung bean soup Step 1.

Take an appropriate amount of mung beans, wash and add water for three or four hours (it is not necessary, but you need to boil more when you want to cook).


According to personal preference, take an appropriate amount of hawthorn and wash it. If no hawthorn is available, it can also be replaced by Guotan skin (also known as hawthorn roll) sold in the supermarket. Because Guodan skin is sweet, it can be added without sugar.


Put mung beans and hawthorn in the pot, add water and cook until the mung beans become tofu.


That’s it after cooking. You can also add some sugar or honey according to your own needs, and get a hawthorn mung bean soup on a hot summer day.

III. Efficacy Mung beans are used for food, vegetables, green manure, and medicine. They are traditional legume foods for the Chinese people. The content of mung bean protein is almost three times that of rice. Multivitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts are more thanIt used to be Mido.

Therefore, it not only has good edible value, but also has very good medicinal value.

Mung beans have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, quenching thirst and relieving heat. Mung beans are rich in nutrients and are a kind of legumes with high economic and nutritional value. Mung bean soup is a traditional Chinese traditional way to relieve heat.

Experts remind that people with debilitating constitutions cannot take them alternately, and blindly drinking mung bean soup will cause diarrhea or reduce immunity of the digestive system.

[Can you eat durian when you have a cold?

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]_ Recommended diet

[Can you eat durian when you have a cold?
]_ Recommended diet

Colds are uncomfortable things, so we must pay attention to prevent the occurrence of colds in our daily lives, and also understand the correct treatment methods and dietary contraindications in life, because in addition to scientific treatment, the wrong way of eatingIt will also affect the treatment of colds, and it is not suitable to eat durian during the cold.

Some people say that durian has high nutritional value and has a good effect of nourishing the spleen, invigorating qi and kidney and impotence. However, for people with colds or patients with high blood pressure, durian consumption will only lead to aggravation of the disease.To treat and resolve these complications and reduce the harmful harm caused by the disease, then we must pay attention to avoid eating durian.

If you eat durian and eat too much, you must pay attention to choosing some alternative measures. You can choose to eat some cold fruits, such as mangosteen, which has a good effect on alleviating the heat of durian.If mangosteen is paired with food, then the conditioning of the body is better, so it is recommended to eat several mangosteens after eating durian to balance the heat in the body.

Also, during the cold, you should pay attention not to eat spicy and irritating food. During this period, you must follow the doctor’s treatment recommendations, scientific medication, and drink plenty of water. Pay attention to maintain adequate rest and sleep to restore the body.It is more effective. The key is to keep warm and avoid colds.

[Can a bird’s nest be eaten with a cold]_ 燕窝 _ Upper respiratory tract infection _ Can you eat

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[Can a bird’s nest be eaten with a cold]_ 燕窝 _ Upper respiratory tract infection _ Can you eat

Colds are a common problem, but the treatment and prevention of colds cannot be ignored. People with colds are not suitable to eat bird’s nest, and if some people have weak spleen and stomach and often have diarrhea, they are not suitable for bird’s nest.When bird’s nest, pay attention to these taboos.

can not eat.

Bird’s nest is water-based, male, female, old, young, pregnant, and vegetarian.

However, the following six types of people cannot eat bird’s nest: 1. It is not advisable to eat bird’s nest when catching a cold.

2, more phlegm, yellow sputum, sticky person is not suitable for eating bird’s nest.

3. The spleen and stomach are weak. Those who eat cold food and are prone to diarrhea need to pay attention when eating bird’s nest.

4. Severe patients.

Avoid bird’s nest if you have the following symptoms: (1) abdominal cold pain and diarrhea caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.

(2) Stomach fullness, vomiting, thick greasy embolism.

(3) For those who are allergic to taking aspirin.

(4) Use bird’s nest with caution in patients who are not cured or who have advanced cancer.

However, bird’s nest is used to prevent cancer and chemotherapy for cancer patients. The rehabilitation after radiotherapy can restore vitality, supplement nutrition, and improve the food efficiency of immunity.

5, those who are allergic to protein eat bird’s nest with caution.

Bird’s nest is a high-protein, low-feces, cholesterol-free food.

6, newborns less than 4 months can not eat bird’s nest directly, can be eaten after April, the bird’s nest stew takes longer, can enhance the child’s physique and appetite, and promote physical and intellectual growth and development.

[Difference between American Ginseng and American Ginseng]_American Ginseng_Function_Effect

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鍏跺疄鑺辨棗鍙備篃灏辨槸鎴戜滑骞虫椂鍚冪殑瑗挎磱鍙傦紝浜岃€呮槸鍚屼竴绉嶉鏉愶紝鑺辨棗鍙傝兘澶熻皟鐞嗚韩浣擄紝鎻愰珮韬綋鐨勫厤鐤姏锛岃繕鑳藉淇濇姢琛€绠★紝娌荤枟绯栧翱鐥呯殑鏁堟灉涔熸槸寰堝ソ鐨勩€?1 銆?瑗挎磱鍙傛槸浜哄弬鐨勪竴绉嶏紝鍙堢О骞夸笢浜哄弬銆佽姳鏃楀弬锛岀敱浜庣編鍥芥棫绉颁负鑺辨棗鍥借€屽緱鍚嶏紝鍘熶骇浜庣編鍥藉寳閮ㄥ埌鍔犳嬁澶у崡閮ㄤ竴甯︼紝浠ュ▉鏂悍杈涘窞涓轰富銆傞€氬父鐓т骇鍦板垎Slap?涓€鑸墍绉扮殑)鑺辨棗鍙備笌鍔犳嬁澶у弬;涓よ€呰櫧鐒跺悓绉嶏紝浣嗗洜涓烘皵鍊欏奖鍝嶏紝鍓嶈€呯殑What is the difference between the Chinese language and the Chinese language? The difference between the Chinese version and the Chinese version is different.綋 锅 ュ 綋 緊 緢 緂 圂 界 殑 宁  姪 劆?銆 佽 タ 娲 嫔 弬 (鑺 Distinguished jujube?鏄竴绉嶈ˉ鑰屼笉鐕ャ€佺敺濂宠€佸皯鍊熷疁鐨勯珮绾т繚鍋ュ搧銆傚苟涓旀槸涓夊疂鈥?浜哄弬銆佽矀鐨€侀箍鑼?涔嬩竴锛屾槸椹板悕涓銆佽€佸辜鐨嗙煡鐨勫悕璐佃嵂鏉愩€?3銆佽タ娲嬪弬鐨勪富瑕佷綔鐢ㄦ槸鎻愰珮鍏嶇柅鍔涖€佹姉鎰熸煋銆佹姉鑲跨槫銆侀檷琛€绯栥€侀闃插績鑴戣绠$柧鐥呫€佹姉鐤插姵绛夛紝閭d箞浜轰滑鍚冧簡瑗挎磱鍙傝嚜鐒跺彲浠ュ寮烘満浣撴姷鎶楃柧鐥呯殑鑳By the way: do you want to cross the borders? Do you have a good performance? Do you want to go? Do you want to do it? Do you want to use it?銆併€€瑗挎磱鍙傝櫧鐒跺叿鏈変繚鎶ゅ績琛€绠$郴缁熴€佹彁楂樺厤鐤姏銆佷績杩涜娑叉椿鍔涖€佹不鐤楃硸灏跨梾锛岃繕鍏锋湁寰堝ソ鐨勬粙琛ヤ綔鐢紝浣嗗苟闈炰汉浜洪€傚疁鏈嶇敤锛屼篃骞堕潪涓€鍚冧笅鍘伙紝鍏嶇柅鍔涚珛鍗冲氨浼氭彁楂橈紝浠庢湇鐢ㄥ埌鍦ㄨ韩浣撳唴浜х敓浣滅敤锛岄渶瑕佷竴涓繃绋嬨€傚皬缂栨帹鑽愶細浠€涔堢梾鍚冭タ娲嬪弬濂?5銆佸彟澶栵紝鈥滈潪铏氬嬁琛モ€濄€傚鏋滆韩浣撳苟鏃犱笉閫傦紝涓嶅疁缁忓父鏈嶇敤瑗挎磱鍙傚惈鐗囥€?鍙﹀锛岃タ娲嬪弬涓嶅埄浜庢箍鐥囷紝鏈嶇敤鏃惰繕瑕佽€冭檻瀛h妭鎬с€傛槬澶╁拰澶忓ぉ姘斿€欏亸骞诧紝姣旇緝閫傚悎鏈嶇敤瑗挎磱鍙傦紝涓嶅疁鏈嶇敤浜哄弬鎴栫孩鍙?鑰岀銆佸啲瀛h妭鏇撮€傚疁鏈嶇敤浜哄弬銆?

[Breakfast for breakfast the next morning]_Breakfast_How to eat

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[Breakfast for breakfast the next morning]_Breakfast_How to eat

Nowadays people, whether they are men or women, often participate in some wineries in order to better their lives. After drinking, alcohol causes great damage to the gastric mucosa.Drinking strong tea after drinking alcohol will damage the kidney function of the human body. Do not eat carrots and so on. So what kind of breakfast is suitable for the next morning after drinking alcohol?

First, what kind of breakfast is suitable for the next morning after drinking?

 You can eat foods that are easy to digest, such as milk, bread, porridge, porridge and other foods.

Beverages containing inorganic salts and sugars have the effect of eliminating alcohol in the body in addition to replenishing water.

Sports drinks and fruit juices are very effective, especially sports drinks, which are close to human body fluids, are easily absorbed by the body, and are even effective for hangovers. If you drink them together, you can prevent getting drunk too much.

The spiny green part of aloe vera and its internal colloid contain substances such as polysaccharides and glycoproteins, which can reduce the concentration of acetaldehyde in the blood, which is a harmful substance produced by the decomposition of alcohol.

Therefore, if you drink aloe vera before drinking alcohol, it is effective to prevent symptoms such as headache and nausea and flushing after drinking.

In addition, the bitter aloe vera in aloe has a stomach-invigorating effect, and can treat nausea and nausea caused by hangover.

Second, do not drink on an empty stomach, because fast absorption of alcohol during fasting makes people prone to drunk; and drinking on an empty stomach is harmful to the digestive tract and easily causes stomach bleeding and gastric ulcers. The best prevention method is to eat oil before drinking.Foods, such as fatty meat, hoofs, etc., or milk can be used to protect the stomach from the indigestible properties of the food to prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach, this is the main trick of not getting drunk.

Because it is feasible that ethanol absorption time in the body is prolonged.

Do not drink with carbonated drinks such as cola, soda, etc. The ingredients in these drinks can quickly absorb alcohol.

Even after drinking, you can try adding hot soup, especially fish soup stewed with ginger, which has a hangover effect.

Because alcohol is toxic to the liver, you should eat more green leafy vegetables when you drink alcohol. The antioxidants and vitamins in it can protect the liver.

You can also eat some soy products, of which lecithin has a protective effect on the liver.

What kind of breakfast is suitable for the next morning after drinking?

In the morning, you should choose some light and digestible foods, such as millet porridge, polenta, eggs, steamed buns, and vegetables.

[Efficacy and Function of Triangular Wheat]_Maybe_Benefits

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[Efficacy and Function of Triangular Wheat]_Maybe_Benefits

When it comes to triangle wheat, many people may not have heard of it. In fact, triangle wheat is buckwheat, also called flower buckwheat or sweet buckwheat. Buckwheat is believed to be very familiar to many people. Although the shape of triangle wheat is not pleasing, but the effect of wheatAnd the effects are many.

Triangular wheat kernels are rich in trace elements such as cellulose, calcium, phosphorus and sodium, which have both rich nutritional value and many medicinal effects.

First, what is buckwheat? Buckwheat is also called sweet buckwheat, triangle wheat, buckwheat, etc. It is a plant of the genus Buckwheat.

It has a short growth period and can grow in barren acid soils; it can also be used as green manure, feed or a cover plant to prevent soil erosion.

Common buckwheat and tartary buckwheat and golden buckwheat can be used as food, but buckwheat is different from other food crops.

Buckwheat seeds are triangular in shape and are covered by a hard shell.

Buckwheat seeds are rich in starch and can be eaten; buckwheat is used as medicine to cure high blood pressure, retinal bleeding, and pulmonary bleeding.

Buckwheat can enrich the intestines and stomach, increase strength, lift energy, and remove the filth of the five internal organs.

If it is used for cooking, it can bait Danshi poison, and the treatment effect is very good.

In addition, it can lower gas and widen the intestines, eliminate stasis, relieve fever, swelling and wind pain, remove turbid leucorrhea, and prevent diarrhea.

If it is fried, it can be treated with hot water, which can cure intestinal colic; if it is eaten with sugar water, it can cure dysentery.

Buckwheat is a popular food in various regions of China, even Japan, and North Korea because of its delicious flavor.

The Japanese love to eat buckwheat noodles, and there are more than 5,000 soba restaurants all over the country.

However, no matter how attractive the taste of buckwheat, you should not consume too much at one time, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, poor digestive function and people with frequent diarrhea should pay attention to buckwheat.

Second, triangle wheat ingredients 1, trace elements: including phosphorus, calcium, sodium, cellulose and so on.

These elements can increase the content of essential elements in the human body, reduce the effects of protecting the liver and kidneys, hematopoietics and enhancing immunity, and also help improve intelligence and maintain normal cardiovascular system.

Such as selenium can prevent cancer.

2. Rutin (ruta spice): Rutin has the function of maintaining capillary permeability and is suitable for the prevention of hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes.

3. Cellulose: Cellulose can prevent obesity, indigestion, and has a positive effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and constipation.

4. Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is responsible for balancing human nutrition and improving overall immunity.

5. Amino acids: Cysteine and cysteine among amino acids have higher free radical protection.

6. Magnesium: Magnesium in buckwheat can promote the dissolution of human fibrin, expand blood vessels, have an anti-embolic effect, and help reduce serum free radicals.

In addition, buckwheat has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, and expectorant effects because of the flavonoids it contains. Therefore, it is also known as “anti-inflammatory food”.

Third, the effect and role of buckwheat The appearance of buckwheat is not pleasing, but the taste of buckwheat is very popular.

However, people who love buckwheat may not know the efficacy and role of buckwheat.

Buckwheat is rich in phosphorus, calcium, sodium, cellulose and other trace elements, and it can also lose weight. It also has certain preventive effects on stroke, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, liver disease, etc.

[Can pork liver and green vegetables be eaten together]_Vegetable_taboo

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[Guru Pork Ribs]_Guru Pork Ribs_How to Make_Making Method

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[Guru Pork Ribs]_Guru Pork Ribs_How to Make_Making Method

In Guangdong and Hong Kong, there is a more common Cantonese dish called grated pork ribs. This Cantonese dish is sweet and sour, and it is a very appetizing dish. Usually, you need to prepare peppers and onion beans.Pears, because the ribs are easier to digest with the fruit in them, and the taste will be better when they are made.
Recipe Introduction Gourd Meat is a Chinese Cantonese dish.
The sweet and sour appetizing taste is a great meal?
Sweet & sour pork is one of the most ubiquitous chinese cuisine in the world.
is a classic cantonese dish.
This sauce goes extremely well with plain white rice.

!材料上肉 300g红、青灯笼椒 各1粒;切角番茄 1粒;切角 洋葱 1粒;切角黄梨 1片,切丁粟粉 适量;沾肉用腌料:糖、盐 各半小匙耗油 1小匙麻油 半小匙鸡蛋 一粒绍兴酒 1大匙苏打粉 1小匙 (或可不放)汁料:酸梅酱 1大匙辣椒酱 1大匙番茄酱 3大匙 盐 1小匙白醋 半大匙水 适量糖 1小匙做法1. Cut the meat into half an inch thick, pat with the back of the knife until loose, cut into pieces, and marinate overnight.
Marinate the meat with millet powder, heat and fry until golden brown, remove and drain.
Keep a tablespoon of oil, sauté bell pepper, tomato, onion, and yellow pear, pour in sauce and cook until thick.
Finally add the fried meat, mix well and serve.

[Can pregnant women eat fresh prunes?

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How much can I eat]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat fresh prunes?
How much can I eat]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

During pregnancy, pregnant women always like to eat some sweet and sour fruits. Ordinary fruits can no longer satisfy the appetite of pregnant women. They prefer to eat plums. Pregnant women can eat plums.Vitamin C can promote the development of bones and teeth of the bones, and at the same time ensure the health of the skin. It can also be supplemented with rich nutrients.About three are best at a time.

Can plums be eaten by pregnant women?

Would pregnant women eat prunes?

Plums are rich in vitamins A and C. They are important nutrients for strengthening bones and teeth and helping people have healthy skin and hair.

Plum also contains high levels of cellulose and antioxidants, a source of youth and vitality, and can help slow down human aging.

In addition to these, prune can also supplement iron, potassium, folic acid and other nutrients, which can promote human health and enhance physical vitality.

Plums are also rich in iron. Iron is a raw material that constitutes hemoglobin and can carry oxygen in the blood, especially for pregnant women, lactating women, and infants.

There are also precipitated fibers and antioxidants in prune.

Fiber supplementation can promote peristalsis in the body, commonly known as “internal scavenger”, and is helpful for colon tumors and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, prunes, which are rich in nutrients, are suitable for pregnant women. It is recommended that pregnant women eat them properly every day.

How many prunes can a pregnant woman eat in a day?

American health experts have pointed out that adults should supplement at least one fresh plum or 3 natural plum products daily to supplement various vitamins, trace elements and alternative fibers necessary for human life activities.

Therefore, pregnant women only need to eat 3 plums a day to supplement the trace elements needed by the body during pregnancy.

How should pregnant women eat prunes?

Ximei can not only be eaten as a snack, but also eaten.

No matter how you make salads, pastries, or staple foods, the ingredients are very suitable.

There are also many processed products of prunes, such as prunes, prune juice, prune cakes, etc. Carry them with you.

However, pregnant women must eat less processed foods of prunes.

If consumed in excess, various additives during processing may be detrimental to vitamin D.

Can pregnant women eat prunes?

Plums are rich in vitamins and cellulose, as well as rich in iron. Its sweet and sour taste can promote appetite and has always been a favorite snack for women.

However, I would like to remind prospective mothers afterwards that after the prunes are dried, the sugar content has greatly increased. Pregnant women should pay attention to eating, it is best to choose low-sugar dried fruit to eat.

Peng Ding Holdings (002938): October revenue hits record high and steady growth is expected

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Peng Ding Holdings (002938): October revenue hits record high and steady growth is expected
I. Overview of the event The company released its monthly revenue report for October 2019, achieving revenue of 36.850,000 yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.96%.  Second, the analysis and judgment of October revenue hit a record high. The company announced that it had achieved revenue of 36 in October.850,000 yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.96%, a new high.From January to October, the company realized a total of 210 revenues.22 ppm, a 10-year 南宁桑拿 increase2.1%.The revenue growth was mainly due to the company’s full orders and the release of additional production capacity.  The fourth-quarter results are expected to continue to improve. Thanks to the reduction in the entry price of iPhone11 and the tide of replacement, the information on the counter-equivalent institutions shows the overall annual stocking situation, and we expect the actual expenditure to increase.Nearly 70% of the company’s revenue comes from Apple. We believe that the fourth quarter results will continue to improve.In addition, the performance of the first three quarters was affected by the conversion of supplementary capacity into solid depreciation, and this part of the transferred capacity will begin to be reflected in the fourth quarter.  The company has benefited from the 5G development in the 5G era. Smartphones 合肥夜网 continue to be refined, thin and light, covering 5G antenna technology, and the FPC and SLP markets are constantly growing.The company is Apple’s largest FPC supplier and SLP main supplier. It has the advantages of leading technology + scale + large-scale supply capacity + deep binding of large customers. Its performance continues to benefit from expansion and expansion of the industry market.  Third, investment recommendations We predict that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 1.31/1.57/1.97 yuan, selected domestic leading PCB company Shennan Circuit, Dongshan Precision, copper clad lead Shengyi Technology, Apple supply chain company Lixun Precision and Goertech as comparable companies, the average P / E of the comparable company in 2019 is 41 times,The company is 37 times, giving a “recommended” rating.  4. Risk warning: The impact of the Sino-U.S. Trade friction and the imposition of tariffs, iPhone shipments may be less than expected, and the progress of SLP on terminals may be less than expected.